19 March 2016

Super Larion Bros.

The waltz of smexy NPC's still goes on.
This time I'm mixing things bit up and yet they fit perfectly well together.
These three NPC's have been since Vanilla-WoW and with Cataclysm they had minor changes but stayed mostly the same.
First is the two from Un'Goro: Larion and Muigin - obvious reference to Mario and Luigi.
Then there is the Princess. The world of Warcraft doesn't have many princesses - that aren't giant bugs. Nor a elemental being or a prize winning pig. But there is one down in Jaguero Isle: Princess Poobah. Most likely reference to Pauline, due to the giant barrel throwing gorilla keeping her as a prisoner. But now she takes the part of Princess Peach
Enough of wiki-ing! Time for the picture!

19th March "Lario Bros. and The Princess" [Dwarf/Human/Tauren/Threesome/Straight/NPC]
After settling their years long grudge towards each other,
Larion and Muigin ventured out of Un'Goro Crater into new adventures together.
On their travels they found themselves rescuing a princess and
safely escort her back home to her "kingdom" and rewarded thoroughly.

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Anonymous said...

Not much sex appeal out of this one for me, but still cracked a smile thanks to the Larion bros!