13 March 2016

Sunny Sunday Tauren Update

Sunny Sunday Update:

New picture time and another NPC off the list. This time it is someone that everyone knows.
He might be a Horde NPC, yet everyone has least heard his story or seen raid-videos online:
Gamon, Hero of Orgrimmar!

And his new "lady friend" Grunt Meena.

13th March "Gamon, Hero of Orgrimmar" [Tauren/Orc/Straight/NPC]
After the battle of Orgrimmar, Gamon earned his new title and unlimited tab in Broken Tusk inn.
He also befriended with his "personal guard", who was possibly tasked to keep him calm.
Gamon doesn't mind his new "lady friend".


Anonymous said...

The orc girl looks quite nice in this, I like her pose

Lucky gamon!

Anonymous said...

Couple things I like about this:
-They both look like they're really enjoying themselves
-The orc girl has a nice body!
-You seem to be really good at the "girl on top" poses
-Additionaly, your one-on-one pictures are usually really good, weather it be vanilla or futa on female

Great pic overall, Sel needs to find a good friend for some 1 on 1 ;)