18 November 2013

Green Package!

Evening and hello Monday or Sunday, think it's Monday already even at the west coast of the US or so.

This time, surprisingly already after a week, I have a new picture for you which is a requested one.
Was quite fun again to work with Goblin, but I still have lot of WIP stated pictures I need to finish before next WoW expansion
comes out with the new models and animations to study and learn from.

But without further ado, here you go, bask in the glory of the green skinned person!

  • 18th November."Green Package" [REQ/Goblin/Pinup/Herm]

    I got a short package for you. said the Goblin.
Hope least someone enjoys this as much as the requester did.


Anonymous said...

Not a bad cute green girlie. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're making more stuff cube, I approve!