10 November 2013

What is this?

Hello now all.

First of all the usual thank you to everyone who posted and did enjoy my Halloween picture. Love you all!

Oh and guess what. I started working on new Selanaar picture, but I suddenly did hit a wall - AGAIN!
So yet another WIP is among all the other WIP pictures in my computer.
Told to few of friends of mine about this and one did suggest to try out new things - such as other games.
I tried long and hard to think of a game that I could easily work with.

That brings us here today!
I don't know will this be only a one time thing or will the coming pictures all be from this game or maybe from others.
Only time will tell that to me and possibly to you people.

So here, please enjoy this brown butt of a Orcette from Skyrim!

  • 10th November."Bronze Cushions" [Orc/Pinup/Skyrim]

    Small break, testing new things like Skyrim.

Still trying to find my own path and style - like always.


Anonymous said...

Nice simple pic, I like tho, she got da booty!

Anonymous said...

Another good one, keep it up Cube!

Anonymous said...

Nice tush she has there, her skin looks a bit... muddy? Like she's covered in something. Still a good pic, gj cube!