15 January 2013



Well, it took me two weeks but hey, I'm back again to poke the few people around.

Nothing much to tell as updates, life is slow and dull at times. Although I've started to ski.
And NO, I don't mean downhill skiing, but actual skiing what you might know as cross country-skiing. Bloody Englishmen.

Anyways, this new picture is actually an request I was sent back during December and I thought what the heck,
been a while since I done a request or even a futaSel picture.
15th January."Diplomatic Meeting at Neutral Lands" [Draenei/Belf/Futa/Oral]

Saphayia is a travelling diplomat, venturing in a mission around the world.
Whilst in booty bay, she met Sel and spoke to her, forming a relationship with benefits.

Few minor pointers for people that might be looking at the picture oddly.

  1. The Belf might look oddish, but that is cause she is hunched down and turned her back in a angle, hard to see I know.
  2. The new look of Sel is 'cause of late events at the end of Cata-expansion. Her arcane powers where stripped of her and she was tortured, hence the scars and the broken horn you cannot see.
  3. Sel is smoking some healing/soothing herbs on her pipe. No, it's not weed what we use in this world.


Anonymous said...

Looks great, and glad to know you've been skiing. ^_^ great work as always and hurraaay for you being back!

Anonymous said...

I'ts been so long, I've missed Sel and her wondeful boobs <3

It's been over a year since Sel herself has been on the receiving end, would love to see her curvy self getting it on!

Duderino said...

The scars are a off-putting, but that doesn't stop Sel from being a total babe <3

Her and urdina will always be my favorites, dem booooobs

whoyou said...

I see you're back to doin futa, which is very hot :9

I think futa-on-female (one futa, one normal) is the best combo of all.

Taking inspiration from the comment above, Futa urdina going to town on Sel's delicious curvy self would probably the hottest thing I've ever seen <3

Also, you're always so creative with new stuff, it's great to see you back!

Anonymous said...

Really nice to have you back cube :)

Your stuff is as awesome as always, I hope you stick with it!

Anonymous said...

Sel es #1. nuff said

GJ cube you da best!!!