10 March 2013

Fishy fish

Update marineteraria!
(Not a real word)

Welcome once again to this secluded topic for yet another mind boggling picture!

It has been a while once again, but you all know me by now.
I could type here bunch of reasons but I'll only add one new one to the list: Cross-country Skiing.

Anyway, before the picture I would like to tell few things of it.

  • It isn't world first picture of a female.
  • The pose and over all idea of the picture was come up way before I saw the drawn picture in rule34

10h March. "Golden Fish of the Forest" [Jinyu/Nude/Pinup]

The Jinyu are very closed race towards non-Pandaren people.
Yet, there are very few records of an Pandaren seeing a female Jinyu -
who are very closely guarded by the warriors of the tribe.
With the help from the Alliance, some of the eluding women of the race
dared to come out from their hiding into the sunlight.

Like I stated, this isn't the very first female picture of an Jinyu - this is: http://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/969051#search=jinyu
And as I stated. I was searching some tips and guides how to make the females head when I stumbled across this picture.
The shy pose was quite a coincidence as I had thought the same myself from how the in-game Jinyus reacted towards you.

And once again due to this idea and inspiration, I had to push all other works to the side. Inspiration doesn't care what is on the table!
Plus, this picture was planned to be done already last weekend, but another idea popped up on my mind and all the skiing took my time.

 Originally Posted by niliko

Cube you are always doing the right things. Keep up your work, i love it! <3 br="">Little notice from me: Sarizka should get a new picture, with her painting skills and her posing girls. My opinion, i only want to give you an idea for a new picture. *g*
Greetings and kisses!
Huh... I think I know the perfect idea for that idea. Thanks for reminding me of her/him!


Anonymous said...

Broken promises ;_;

But nah, it's at least unique, fish aren't my thing, but it's unique.

Anonymous said...

Pretty creative yeah!

Definitely not my cup of tea, but it's creative.