08 July 2013

Blame the game!

Hello everybody, yes you few people!

I know I'm a week late and got only one picture to give out.
Reason for that? Here:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the weather that we Nordic barbarians can't handle.

What to tell like every time...
For starters, I tried out something "new" with this picture and mixed old with new.
You can clearly see that I had re-made the goblin, while I left the Pandaren untouched with few fixing here and there.
Due to the higher polygon count and texture-quality of the Pandarens, it doesn't look half bad in my own opinion.
Hope this does fit nicely into peoples likes after getting back to "normal" after that Ogre.

Onto the picture!
8th July."Grinding for Tillers Rep." [Pandaren/Goblin/Straight/Oral]
Time is money, specially when working on faction reputations.


Anonymous said...

dats a whole lot of male panda ass!

Anonymous said...

Dude animal crossing is e-mazing, good taste

Anonymous said...

Awesome work. :D