29 January 2013

Fan delivery.

It is time once again to emerge from my slumber and with great haste work up a picture.
So here we are. Which many comments posted into my blog, people were quite eagerly yearning to see Sel with Urdina
and here is the first one.

I do know that both of them might look different what they've looked like in previous pictures.
That is the risk with the style I work with... plus this is the first time Urd is made with this style.

Hope you'll like it.
29th January. "Lasting Friendship" [Draenei/Human/Lesbian/Nude/Oral]

From the very first day they met, their friendship has stayed strong and
close with deep trust and passion to each other.
Scars does fade away, friendship stays.

Also I wanted to point out, that since Azerothica is down now, I lost one portal where I post.
So I am once again asking if people would know where else I could post or least advertise my work in.
HF and DevianArts are out from the list right away. HF for reasons that they didn't accept my picture there.

Thanks again and until next time!


Anonymous said...



Yes yes YES.

The only way to improve on this is to do more of it, amazing cube

Duderino said...

Oh my word. Fan service indeed.

10/10, just straight up, awesome work cube.

"...and here is the FIRST one"

Th... there's more? ;_; MY HEART

This could be the best set of pictures you ever make.

Can't help on the different web portals, I just check the blog, but you should post anywhere you can, let more people know of your greatness!

whoyou said...

Holy hell WAY too hot. You spoil us Cube.

I find Sel's scars a BIT less distracting this time, but they still take some getting used to.

Your faces look better this time around, good job! Its strange that the low-polygon wow model heads are so hard to compete with.

Its a shame Urdina's massive boobs are blocked out, but it doesn't change the fact that the picture's amazing <3

It may be unrealistic, but honestly absurdly stupidly huge tits, ass, thighs etc really compliment your style, so feel free to go nuts <3

Anonymous said...


Nuff said, 5/5 Sel and Urdina DA BESS

And cube too, cube da bess

Anonymous said...

Yay! Looks brilliant. ^^

Anonymous said...


I can't get enough of the huge tits and asses, HNNNGGGGGG

Anonymous said...

Such an amazing pic, I'd feel guilty giving constructive criticism to such amazingness.

As for a new portal for content, I'd try everything, let more people see your amazing goods!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I just saw you off a random link from google, and HOLY CRAP your stuff is AWESOME

GJ dude

Anonymous said...

Dude, this stuff is top-notch. Seriously. A full erotic comic of these two would probably be the hottest thing in wowporn history.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just ran across this from a link on r34, and hot damn, this is your hottest pic hands down.

Some of my other faves were sel and the horse (I'm not even into horses, just Sel's ass WOAHDAM)

Aaaand the haloween Sel thing. This is totally #1 tho, good shit broski

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just found your gallery and this is the hottest pic you have. Freaking Awesome.