07 September 2013


Play the fanfares, as I have returned!
Or least the kazoos, please.

Yes I have once again returned and got new pictures to show to you people, specially those who have been waiting for me with patience.
I cannot type praises enough for you who are still follow and watching my posts. Many hugs and kisses for you all beautiful people!

Now then, the pictures, yes yes.
I have two new picture and one bonus picture for you, so let me show you them now.
  • 7th September."Alpha to The Top" [Troll/Male/Solo/Gay]

    If there is some things most races miss when it comes to compare with trolls,
    is that the Forest Trolls of northen lands have the biggest genitals.

  • 7th September."Pet of Zulian Tribe" [Troll/Beast/Heter/Penetration]

    Thought Zulian Trolls are tried to take over the world
    using demigods and massive armies to shed blood across the lands.
    They still need something to R&R. Some of them have taken the use of pets of various races.

There we go! Two new pictures and both are troll related.
Fun fact, the one with the big balled male, the picture has been done for the past four weeks.
I didn't want to post it out alone and wanted to make another picture to be posted out with it.
So it was waiting a month before I finally did get another picture done... after getting my computer back up and running.

Not really what you people were expecting, but some of you already know that fact of me.

Now for the bonus picture.
My dear friend Ethernal/Tolarean drew another new picture for me, this time of Selsel, the Panda Selanaar.
Here is the result that we managed to end up with:
  • 7th September."Selsel Plum Brews" [Pandaren/NonErotic]

    Selsel giving out free samples of her Plum-brew.
    Commission by Tolarean/Ethernal. 2013.

I love the drawing hehe.
So here was all for now and hopefully I won't make you all wait yet another month before new pictures will come out.
Maybe two weeks, as I'm pretty sure I'm working next weeks weekend.

Anyways, thanks and cya!


Anonymous said...

*kazoo noise*

Pretty good pieces here cube, keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing Sel :)

Anonymous said...

Good to see you at it cube, be sure to have fun with your pictures! Never feel stressed by them :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Welcome back and great stuff!