17 April 2013

Panda panda panda!

Hello once again, my few people in here.

Yes, I know. I did skip Easter and Noblegarde this year. I did have a picture planned, believe me!
But myeah, you should know me already so well that it wouldn't be surprising. Besides, it was my off-week in the first place.

So why this odd midweek post then?
That is because I have a new picture to publish... which I started to work on already back on Sunday(14th).

I don't know what really was the reason why it took this long. So I'll put it under the "loss of motivation" excuse.
But here is the picture anyway AND in two different editions!

17th April. "Selsel "The Paddler" Lunarswimmer (Female edit)"[Pandaren/Female/Pinup/Nude]

Female edition of Selsel "The Paddler".

17th April. "Selsel "The Paddler" Lunarswimmer (Futanari edit)"[Pandaren/Futa/Pinup/Nude]

Futanari edition of Selsel "The Paddler".

And yes, it is Selanaar as a Pandaren - thou without the scars. Darn fur.

If you scrolled this down, kudos for you.
I am publishing as well three drawn pictures of Selanaar, done by a good friend of mine.
Eternal from HF used to post drawing back in the old forum, but since then moved away.
I really like these three pictures and wanted to share them with you all and not just upload them into my gallery.
He doesn't yet have many pictures out in HF, but I assure you that he is a really good artist and has gotten quite
well over the past year with his drawings and colouring!
Go check his few previous pictures at his HF profile----> CLICK HERE FOR LINK
--->And here is his FurAffinity profile page with more of his work<--- font="">

He also have done lot more pictures of Sel, that I have already posted into my gallery a year ago.

17th April. "Warrior-Mother, Selanaar"[Draenei/NonEro]

Art by Eternal of Selanaar in her new warrior phase before MoP. 2013.

17th April. "Warrior-Mother Having a Break" [Draenei/Nude/Pinup]

Art by Eternal of Selanaar in her new warrior phase before MoP, having a bath. 2013.

17th April. Librarian from Telderor"[Draenei/NonEro]
Art by Eternal of Selanaar still at her "prime time" as a librarian before life-scarring events. 2013.


SaintUther said...

WoW that is HOT! Great work on both versions. I cant wait to see more of epic works, I love really love your Dwarfs and now your Pandaren. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Picture overload! BUZZ BUZZ

great stuff!

Duderino said...

Now THESE are awesome updates.


I'd loooove to see Classic sel like that, you're really gettin the women size done perrrfectly, really hot stuff.

Also, your friend's art is pretty good too!

Anonymous said...

Oh lord that's pretty damn hot. I prefer the non-futa one but both are pretty effin' hot.

Would love to see part 2 of sel+urdina with such amazing curves. This is definitely your best style.

Anonymous said...

Effin hot. Enough said.

I usually don't even like Pandaren, but you manage to make them hot for me.

Draenei > elfs > human > pandaz > greenskins > gnomes >>>>> worgen/other furry

Anonymous said...

Your friend's art is pretty good!

Yours however, is looking EXCELLENT.

That curvy style is easily your best stuff, would love to see more of that kind of thing. Classic sel still #1

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

holy smokes, those curves SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

Anonymous said...

this is some good stuff cube, sexy ass curves!

would love to see more!

Anonymous said...

Lining pandaboobs next to the uncensored pic of haloween Sel is crazy hot.

I just love this new style, unffff

Please more classic sel!

Anonymous said...

Are we down to monthly updates now? :( your new curvy style is so GOOD, but waiting a month is painful! ;_;