20 May 2013


I'm not dead, I'm not dead!
Not that surprising, but still! I haven't left yet!

I'm deeply sorry for making everyone to wait over an month for new pictures(all seven of you).
I don't really have any proper reason this time either. I can only say that having too many ideas does at times suffocate all ideas and motivation.
I had big idea three weeks back. I had one for the Children's Week. I had two for week after that.
But all those went down because having too many ideas and too lively imagination and flying inspiration.

I'm sorry again - this is a dear hobby for me, so I do like to keep it up and going before I have a real reason to stop doing these.

So... here you have -THREE- new picture - that I was supposed to post out already last night... Geez.

And you guessed it.


20th May. "Evening Bath"[Pandaren/Female/Non-Ero/Tease]

Teasing Pandapanda is a teasing one, even when all soaked in bathtub.

20th May. "Twins of Coalpaw"[Pandaren/Lesbian/Oral/Nude]

Big comfy feather-bed and soothing air of southern Kun-lai.What more can twins with passion ask for.

20th May. "Way to hearth is through the belly"[Pandaren/Goblin/Heter/Cum/Nude]

Way to Pandaren's heart is through the belly.
Sex is also a good way to boost the effect.


Anonymous said...

Hey, look at all the views in your gallery, a lot more than seven!

But hey, a triple update! Very nice.

Action shots are good too, well done!

I enjoy the two panda ladies the most, delicious!

Duderino said...

A triple update? Amazing. The only way it could be better if it was a Sel triple <3

Good poses in all of these, nice work cube!

Don't feel bad about the long wait, you always make it worth it, and you keep improving too!

Anonymous said...

Hey don't worry about it. :D your stuff is always grand to see!

SaintUther said...

OMG YES! More big curvy panda women. My favorite would have to be the one in the tub, soo hot and steamy. keep up the epic work my good sir.

Anonymous said...

Curvy, very very nice :D

Action shots too, amazing! Great work!

Would love to see more of Sel now!

Anonymous said...

Curves always good, and action shots too! Very nice!

Would love to see more of delicious Sel, or urdina, or... things with skin! :p

Anonymous said...

Very nice job Cube, great stuff.

As always, curves are the best.

Would love to see some kind of tit-fuck in the future, would be crazy hot, especially if Sel was the one giving it! (to a friend?)

Anonz said...

Really hot stuff Cube, keep it up fren! I can really tell the work was put into these ones, kudos!

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff Cube. Hope you find the time to update more!

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing as usual Cube, the curves are looking so so nice.

You definitely have a LOT more than seven fans friend.

Anonymous said...

I don't even like furry stuff, and yet you manage to make those pandas look very delicious...