04 June 2013

New style yet again?

Hi everybody!

Time again for a new picture. This time there is only one.
The picture was meant to be out already back on last Sunday, but Finland was hit hard and heavy by heat waves.
Not that the burning sunlight is the problem, it's the dry air full of pollen from trees and flora in the air.

What's new in this picture then, you might ask.
Well first of all I tried once more on a "new" style with more bolder edges and colouring.
You can easily see that she and her clothing look less shaded with a brush, when in this one they are made with "objects".
So yet another experimental and teasing picture - think this is yet another step further away from "Manips" than before,
since before my pictures were something between 3D-art and actual "drawn" art.

Oh right, the picture!
4th June." Ms. Traveling-Librarian" [Draenei/BBW/Non-Ero/Tease/Solo]

Ms. Selanaar Tallulah pre-Cataclysm at Stormwind Library.
Also new try on style and colours.


Anonymous said...

Not bad.

Though I think I liked your older styles a tad more, this is still pretty nice.

Also faster update which is awesome

Anonymous said...

A new style? Time for some constructive criticism!

The good!
-No scars is nice
-Glasses are cute
-It's Sel! <3 always the best
-good colors
-nips poking <3

The bad
-The Colors seem...flat.
-Sel's face makes her look kind of old, she was always the "milf" but she looks even more aged in this
-Making it look less like wow model seems to take away from it a bit
-Her boobs seem a tiiiny bit smaller

Overall, I did like older styles more, but it's still a good picture, gj Cube!

Anonymous said...

Sel's always the best <3

You da bess cube

Anonymous said...

That anon's good/bad is pretty spot on

I really liked the pic cube, kudos :D

Anonymous said...

OOh, librarian, nice!

I suggest outfits that show a little more skin, not all your pictures have to be naked, sexy outfits are awesome

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff cube, I like!

Anonymous said...

I like the librarian look. Themes are always awesome, like sexy nurse etc

and Sel always the best