14 February 2013

Happy Friends Day!


What? I mean Valentines Day in Finnish, as we celebrate it to remember as well our friends, not only love-one.
I think I did tell about this already a year back or so.

Anyways. While I would have used the new Sel&Urdi picture for this cause.... I was slacking and didn't finish it - yet.

So um... I actually rushed with this picture to give you people least something.
Also this is my very first picture with a Pandaren.

Pictue time!
14th February. "Three Unlikely Friends" [Dwarf/Orc/Pandaren/Nude]

To calm down a fight might just take the smallest thing.
To calm down a fight between a Blackrock Orc and Dark Iron Dwarf - long time rivals is no easy task.
But a single Pandaren and five kegs worth of mead
soothed the war maidens - least for the night.

Next time, more Urdina and Selanaar - promise!


Anonymous said...

aww. It looks really sweet. ^^ great work!

whoyou said...

Happy V-day!

I honestly think I'm a wow racist; hard for me to enjoy pictures of most races, I just like human, draenei, and elves.

However, even saying that, those panda's boobs...

...not bad.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to work super hard and long on Sel pictures.

You can do quick hot ones too!

Anonymous said...

Happy friends day Cube, you awesome creator of sexy things!

I'm impressed, I'm not even a furry and I found the pandaren to be enticing!

I think the idea of someone sleeping on another's boobs is just too hot!

I found the faces on the two darkskins to be a bit odd looking though, but still good job since you said it was a quickie.