14 July 2019

Selsel is back again!

Here you go, it's still not Selanaar, but it is her alternative versio from pararel dimension where she's an Pandaren.
To make the picture more space time confusing, Rule63 Selanaar is in the picture as well(still haven't figured out a name for him).

In other news, I'm slowly getting the gallery filled up - mainly Selanaar pictures left and there is over 200 of them. Uploading isn't the hard part; it's when I need to fill in all the descriptions, names and tags.

July 14th - "Selsel and the Gang" [Pandaren/Gnome/Draenei/Gangbang]
She thought that it would be a simple task to show
a group of Gnomes and a Draenei some Pandarian traditions.
Yet they made it quite fatiguing to stay focused, as they showed
more interest in her than on the culture.
==XL-Size Edit==

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