15 April 2019

Spring 2019 Commissions! #1

Time for some Spring Commissions!
Couple of weeks back, I posted a commission-form link in my twitter and now is the time to show which ones were chosen.
First one is full of passion, primal urges and hint of spring magic(although I think that's hard to see in a jungle with one season and all).

And as a note if my thread gets into lockdown mode once again: There might be a small issue with the new forum and latest Firefox. The mods/devs are looking into it.

April 15th - "Holy Warriors of Sun and Rezan" [Troll/Tauren/Comm]
2019 Free Commission #1
Two unlikely companions come together
with common views of justice and light.
At the moment they aren't culling the wicked,
altough they are using their unwavering vigor
on each others - with great passion and just.

==XL-Size Edit==

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