16 June 2019

Three friends!

While I took this small extended break after the Spring Commissions, I haven't been all lazy and just watched anime. I've been working on three new characters, that are now finally ready to be shown in public. There are still some minor issues with them, mainly with their riggings and clothing, but I can hide them with some make-up.

I could just keep on going here, but I'll stop myself and just let the picture do the talking itself. It's an introduction picture, so nothing fancy.

June 16th - "Three Friends" [Mobs/SFW]
Three unlikely friends and they all share
something in common. Something that causes
them to be shunned by their kins and outcasted.
That's corrects, they like the colour pink.
==XL-Size Edit==

ps. I have no idea how to tag this picture, as they technically are npcs, but are mobs as well...

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