28 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Finale

2020 is right behind the corner and Winter Veil is coming to an end. It was quite a year, yet my personal 'game of the year' is a game from 2017; which I bought earlier this year: Battle Brothers. I have a intense love-hate-relationship with the game, although the game is hard - it doesn't feel like it's cheating as X-Com games does.
Anyway! Time for the last picture of the year. I'm sure it'll be a huge let down for many, but I wanted to end this year with something more "mellow".

December 22th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Four" [Tauren/Troll/Comm]
Winter Veil 2019 is coming to an end
and a new year is starting!
==XL-Size Edit==

PS. As a reminder, January is my "vacation month from pictures", so nothing new before February.

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