16 September 2019

Autumn Commission #2: Traveling Companions

Ever tasted stinging nettle long drink("gin")? It's rather tasty.
Anyway, time for the next Autumn Commission to be revealed!
I would have finished this picture a lot earlier, but I had to go and try fancy things that made rendering the picture take a long while - only to notice that there is something wrong and fix it before rendering again. I did this three times for this picture. Dreadful.

This is the second Autumn Commission and it was requested by Flicky.

September 16th - "Traveling Companions" [Troll/Straight/Comm]
2019 Autumn Commission #2
Ruj' and Hao' have traveled together for a long time
and bonded deeply with each other along the journeys.
During their recent trek, Hao' instructed the much taller
Ruj' couple ancient mating techniques.
==XL-Size Edit==


Anonymous said...

Between the nice weight to the troll's bust, and doing some GIANTESS (!) work in the previous pic, you've picked some awesome commissions so far!

Flicky said...

Looks fantastic! Thank you so much, both me and Hao loved it, and will be using it as refrences in future!

Hugs and kisses
- Flicky