24 February 2019

Somewhere warmer than Crystalsong Forest.

I wanted to do a picture that had an Nelf in it and I remembered that I have two old OC's that has gotten very little screen time. I chose one of them and gave her a small restyling(new hairstyle, slimmer and less muscular body than what a Nelf normally has etc.). Yet, I was lacking an idea for the picture - so I made a pinup picture of her while on a vacation.
So, slim Janilja now, big girl(s) another time.

February 24th - "Vacation from the Cold" [Nelf/Pinup]
Janilja doesn't often leave Crystalsong Forest
but even this spiritual healer and caretaker
needs time to time some respite. How she ended
up onto an tropical island is a mystery.

>>>XL-Size Edit<<<

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