22 October 2019

Autumn Commission #7: Break Time With The Farmhands

Time for another commission. Number seven and I think I'll leave it there, as November is just behind the corner and I have picture ideas of my own already planned for that month. So thank you for all the requests I recieved and better luck next time for those whoms idea I didn't create into a picture. I also need to decide if I'll once again do a Christmas give-away event.

This is the seventh and last Autumn Commission and it was requested by Lyral.

October 22th - "Break Time With The Farmhands" [Human/Goblin/Gang/Comm]
2019 Autumn Commission #7
Working on a field can be hard if one
doesn't know the trade or doing it all alone.
Belasea knows how to use a hoe and has
newly hired farmhands for help. Good thing
Goblins do lot of things for payment.
==XL-Size Edit==

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Anonymous said...

Though I'm sad my comission wasn't selected, pic was nice. Any huge chesty peice from you is always great