23 December 2019

Winter Veil 2019: Gift Four!

I'm here, I'm here, with yet another Winter Veil commission!
Technically, it's already 23th here in Finland,
but I'll post the picture as if it was posted on the 22th. That's cool? Good to hear!

This fourth gift goes to Gramgro!

December 22th - "Winter Veil 2019: Gift Four" [Tauren/Troll/Comm]
Eve of Winter's Veil is closing in and two scouts
stationed deep in Grizzly Hills are comparing the
cultural differences of the festive time of their people.
Deciding to decorate their camp for the ending year and
to use colour of white to live things up, although the cold
air brings up the need of warmth - so the white goes in.
==XL-Size Edit==

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