22 August 2019

Summer Jam 2019! #5

New week, new dwarf, next part of Summer Jam Dwarven Edit!
Ruvols the name and kung-fu is the game, although beer on this picture.
I've had this bearded dwarf in waiting to be used for quite a while now. I planned to use him(still might) as the narrator in some comics, but I never got that far really. So I thought I could use him during this event to give him some screen time before tucked back into the hibernation.

August 22th - "Last Month of Summer #5" [Dwarf/Pandaren/SFW]
Ruvol, the traveling Dwarven monk, befriended with a
Pandaren couple while studying the arts at their homeland.
Both people loves to drink and eat and the couple had
invited him to join them for a moist feast, while introducing
him to one of their friend in hopes the dwarves would click.
==XL-Size Edit==

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