Hi and hello to the few people that are out there.

Time for some lady loving for a change.
No it has nothing to do with the current politics at the moment over here. I had already begun to work on it picture
a while ago and my previous picture did rudely push into the queue to be made first. But now it is finally done and I am quite happy how it turned out. I even made a last second change to fit the ending festive.
What did I work on the longest on the curvy and annoying hidden pudgy nelf? Her hair and her lowerlip that she is biting onto. I am really happy how both of them turned out and even more how her hair looks - at least for me.

But enough of that, time for the picture!
  • 30th November "Pilgrim's Feast" [Lesbian/Human/Nelf/Oral/Nude]

    Happy late Turkey Day 2014!

ps. I've been lately pondering the sizes I make my pictures into. I have the past year or so resized them into smaller size.
To be exact, I shrink them down with 25% so they change from that huge resolution I used to work on - 1900x1400 into 1425x1050. I make them in that huge size, as I like to work on tiny details that I think I myself only notices, but that is my minor OCD. So I am curious what you think. Should I make them into even smaller or is the current size just fine?

Thank you.