04 November 2014


I like to thank all of you who have told their enjoyment to my "spoopy-weeks" pictures. I am really surprised how many people have commented and liked on them here and in tumblr. I know that the pumpkin picture was a crazy idea, but that is the reason why I HAD to make it. I am also quite delighted to see how many of you peeps and lurkers have taken a smiling glance at the night elf spirit of fertility, or really just my friends character as a ghost/wearing a ghost costume.
Anonymous said...
Dude, your friends have good taste in women! Youre just so good, can I post some of your stuff around online? More people need to know of your awesomeness!
Feel free to do that, but do link back to either the pictures post here on blogspot or my tumblr. Also, I do not recommend you to share/post my pictures out least to either rule34-galleries(rule34.xxx & rule34.paheal.net). I time to time post to rule34.xxx, but not into the other - as it is one of the more hostile sites I know. But otherwise, you may post them where you want - where people can post out other peoples works. As a reminder again, if you are going to post my pictures out there, please do check if that kind of pictures is allowed to be posted there and do always link back to the source here or my tumblr.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, you keep putting out such awesome content, and you deserve all the praise and recognition!

Anonymous said...

I found you through r34, it has some serious rude jerks there, but a few people I remember liked your stuff!