11 November 2014


BlizzCon 2014 I actually don’t have much to say about this years BlizzCon or actually any of the previous BlizzCons. I haven’t watched any of them. I’m just not that interested what happens there or what will be announced, I can get those infos from other sources - much like the new IP they announced: Overwatch.
Sure it sounds interesting and totally different what they’ve done before out of the three main series they are milking. But I was more waiting for another Warcraft RTS or even a hd-remake of the first two Warcraft games for their 20th anniversary - or Blackthorn.

So yeah, nothing really to say of the con and what they told. I haven’t been into WoW that much after WotLK(as in playing it). I did play Cataclysm quite half assed, I did level up Selanaar through archaeology to 85 and only did the new areas a year after launch. MoP was quite the same, even if it was more interesting to me than Cata and I got to play with pandas - but I still have over half of the content unplayed and I doubt I’ll ever play the regions or raiding content. Why? I stopped playing WoW back this years spring, or well, I really hadn’t done anything in WoW since October of 2013.

Why do I still make these pictures than? It’s my hobby and I like doing them, even if I take way too much stress over them than I should.
This also was way too long post just to tell my opinion about this years BlizzCon, where I didn’t have much to say in the first place.

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