29 July 2016

Her hair is white and long, you know her very well.

No time to talk, it's picture time!
Next on our OC list is someone who doesn't need any introduction. She has had many forms over the years, but only one is above the rest and that is the one we all love and know. No, not that one, the one you are about to see.
If you've somehow forgotten her name or first timer, her name is: Selanaar Tallulah

29th July "Picnic at Selanaars Place 1/3" [Draenei/Tease/Pinup/Selanaar]
Selanaar has invited you and your friends over for a picnic!

She has prepared a mouth watering feast and bountiful view to look at.

As a bonus, here is what you would see if you were a Dwarf.


Anonymous said...

Oh my.... I missed Selanaar so much ;_;

After all the waiting she is still best girl

Anonymous said...

I wanted to like, do constructive criticism on this picture, but I couldn't even think on what you could improve on. It's so good ;;

Titanic boobs,theyre just hypnotizing. while not neglecting the rest of her body and giving her amazing hips. Also making her black eye less painful looking which I approve of.

The best part of the picture? That it's 1/3!

Anonymous said...

Woah, all this on a Friday!?

AMAZING this trumps any picture you've done all year

Anonymous said...

I know it says me and my friends, but a picture like that makes her look like a lewd loving wife <3

Anonymous said...

*jaw drop*

holy SHIT that's good

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see she brought milk to go with the food :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Selanaar is so HIGH TEST she's the best

Anonymous said...

So good. Like, so good. If I could see pictures like this weekly I wouldnt follow any other wow girls <3

Anonymous said...

You know, considering her frame, that's a pretty big apron.

... it'll be off soon anyway :D

Anonymous said...

Naked apron + best boobs ever = 10/10

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