15 February 2021

Post Valentine's Picture of Food

Here I come and flash your screen with this years Valentine's picture! Wait... it's 15th already? Shoot! Ah well, I doubt this trio even knows what the festive is. I dusted this trio after a long hiatus after I introduced them back in summer of 2019. I gave them all a quick smoothing, although I gave the flying woman the most time. I remade her plumage(still might need to work on it) and bird parts(legs etc.) much better texture than the original.

This picture was rendered in stupid huge 4K resolution to, so the "normal" resized is still rather large to let you see everything that you aren't supposed to see.

Febraury 15th - "Food is Love" [Mobs/SFW]
Nothing beats a belly full of delicious
food, especially if the feast was constructed
by someone close and dear to you.
==XL-Size Edit==

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