12 August 2020

Last Month of Summer 2020 #3

Avert your eyes! The troll has lost his loincloth and wild beasts have surrounded him! I couldn't help it. Much like last year with the dwarf-pictures, I want to make pictures with two parts: first something safe and then something smutty on the same scenery and on-going story. Something like that. I might have gone where the fence is lowest on this one, although I don't mind it.
Next pictures will contain female Troll(s), I promise!

August 12th - "Last Month of Summer 2020 #3" [Troll/Pinup/Tease]
While all hunters value the assistance of their
animal companions, Beast Mastery hunters
have the closest bonds of all with their pets.
This Troll hunter favors 'Ferocity' animals over others.
==XL-Size Edit==

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