03 August 2020

Last Month of Summer 2020 #1


It's August again! It's time to have a race themed month again! Last month of the Summer 2020!

This year, I'll be focusing on the Trolls, especially on the females.
And here is the first picture featuring Yuhuja and an Void Elf!
I couldn't find any hard facts about the tentacles, other than they are dreadlocks looking like tendrils with glowing magic on them(which I obviously forgot). I looked through images and it seems like at the moment it's up to the artists if it's dreadlocks or tentacles that can be moved. I chose the latter.

August 3rd - "Last Month of Summer 2020 #1 [Troll/Void Elf]
Yuhuja has always been interested about elves.
And this 'new' elf faction excites the scholar
more than pile of rare books or jewelry.
She's ready to study all she can about them.
==XL-Size Edit==

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