08 June 2020

Summer Faerie

With all the commissions clean of my table, it's time to go all creative during this June!
I weighted between many different options and ways to create this "race", since there is none in WoW - only few mentions like on the names of items. I didn't want to do a "common" looking one, so I tried few different mixes of bug elements and gave a childlike big head for good measure. I did cheat with the hair(as I couldn't find a good flower to work as the top of head) and opened up pandora's box, known as Sims4 assets! Meaning if I don't like the hairstyle, I might change it at some point.

So here you have, a Faerie!

June 8th - "Summer Faerie" - [Fairy/SFW]
You know about the Faerie Dragons. They are known for their
playful demeanor, seemingly disappearing on a whim and
materialize in a different location to mock mortals.
But, there is another Faerie race that is very similar to them,
yet there is no written records of them - only stories told by old hags.
==XL-Size Edit==

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