18 June 2020

Summer Elf

Now, this picture is a few days late, as I kept trying out cloth and wind simulations and couldn't settle my mind with whom to use in the picture. I thought this would have been a simple and quick picture, but nope!
Anyhow, a merry Midsummer to everyone!

June 18th - "Summer Cruise" [Nelf/Tease]
While Daeatril is more home in cold weather,
she doesn't melt under the warm summer sun.
She actually enjoys long cruises along the archipelagos
and coast during the warm seasons. The sea breeze and
sights are enough to distract her to notice the sun.
==XL-Size Edit==

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Anonymous said...

Dang I thought she was just top heavy. turns out her bottom is just as impressive?

I guess your best night elf has been decided!