09 August 2018

Last Month of Summer #3

Right, I'm day late because some stupid and frustrating problems I had with Blender.

First was the whole UV image for some reason pulling out old colouring edits from the past that I HADN'T saved. I just couldn't figure out where it kept pulling it out. I had checked all the uv maps/textures through multiple times and I couldn't find it anywhere. What made this even more baffling was that any other colouring I had made and not saved, would vanish from the memory after I exited Blender.

Next is that I just can't get the weighting to work on eyelids at all. After I think four hours of UV searching and trying to get the eyelids to move smoothly, I gave up and went to bed.

August 9th "Last Month of Summer #3 (1/2)" - [Draenei/SFW/Selanaar]
While on a field research in Grizzly Hills
to map out the if anything has changed,
Selanaar stumbled across a peculiar sight
sticking out from the undergrowth.
== XL-Size Edit ==

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