13 August 2018

Last Month of Summer #4

It is still Sunday somewhere!

Three more weeks left of August and then the summer is officially OVER!
I've wanted to do more with genderbent Selanaar for a long time and now I saw a good slot to use him and work on his model. He also fit well to be used with a new model from BoA.
Doing a scene from Shadowmoon Valley was a bit tricky one, as I don't currently have gametime and I needed screenshot of the sky. In the end I found a working skybox, yay.

August 13th - Last Month of Summer #4 (Angle 1/2) [Draenei/Human/Tease]
In the parallel universe of Draenor,
things have calmed down enough for tourists
to visit it's beautiful and treacherous wilderness.
Lucky for this seafaring lass of Kul Tiras,
she met a burly and jolly gentleman to show her
around the shores of Shadownmoon Valley.

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August 13th - Last Month of Summer #4 (Angle 2/2) [Draenei/Human/Tease]
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