27 August 2012

Yet again a dark lass.

I start work on one picture,
but then I find/get another idea that I find more superior then the current one I'm working on.
This is how it went last weekend and has happened countless times before.
But this time, I managed to work it out after I got home from the NukePlant.

It might be a clunky, but I find it nice.
Some might not find it enough fap-material, but you don't have to fap to everything.

Why yet again another Dark Iron? I actually have no idea.
Only thing I had in mind was that she would be either a Dwarf, Gnome or Goblin tinker.

I know she might look slightly off compared to the in-game dwarf and what has seen before.
But I tell you, not all of them are crafted from the same stone and smelter.
  • 27th August."Dark Iron Tinkeress" [Dwarf/Pinup/Nude]

    Another way to motivate workers, rather then beat them into mush.


Anonymous said...

Yay more Dark Iron dwarf! :D Great work as always.

Saint Uther said...

Dwarf women are always hot, more so when we can see their giant boobage. Great work sir, I hope to see more hot naked dwarven lasses.