31 August 2012

Oh geez.

Terror of Darknest Forums.

It seems that a end of an "era" is approaching the forums.
Or more likely one part of it.
If it weren't for my friend Lotharemas, I wouldn't had noticed the lockdown or the approaching end of the forum section.
Boggled and confused as many, I cannot fully understand either what were decided among the people(if there was anything really decided then pure disgust).
As far as I can remember with this forum, I'm actually surprised that they haven't done this earlier if they are acting like this at the moment.

Trying to talk to the mods and the admin is possible useless, if most of them act like "ye great" Plissy.
Thou I have bought a hosting for my pictures and gallery, I would still need a place to publish my work other then my blog.
As a dear hobby for me, I wouldn't wish to quit now after all these years, due to the decision made behind the scenes with no questions.

Time to take step forward and possibly form a website(much like what Kayuna did with his thread and guild)?
Find a new portal where to post? Most places don't accept "in-game model manipulation screenshot" work.
There's another point. With the evolution of my recent work, can it be any more considered as "screenshot manip"?
For a very long time, I've only used most the backgrounds from the game and only the toons heads, hands and feet from the models.
Where the more newer and recent pictures don't use anything at all from the in-game models, only the backgrounds.
I know there aren't many out there to answer this, but would this be enough to move to the "drawn art" section?
I'm quite sure I ain't that welcome there, nor some of the mods would like to see me posting there.
But by the lightning bolt of Ukko Ylijumala! There are no parts of the new pictures that contain parts of Blizzards Entertainments owned models.
Or is using a screenshot as a background too much as well? It isn't much like we demanded for tribute or payment for our work of subgenre styled art.
I don't really see what the aim of the forum was then, if this board wasn't allowed. Fear of the bigger most likely.

I've ranted more then needed now and gotten off-track. G'night.

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