12 August 2012

I'm still alive! Part XX

Just to shamefully poke and give some news that I'm still alive.

  1. Reasons why nothing been posted the past three weeks.
  2. I was out of town for few days.
  3. I coulde decide what to make from too many ideas and little inspiration.
  4. The subtropical heatwave finaly arrived up here with thunderstorms.
  5. I still couldn't decide what to make.
  6. My work at the nuclear power-plant once again started.
  7. I was giving too much attention to my unstable connection this weekend to focuse on anything else.
  8. I've been reading One Piece manga from the first book, up untill 62 the past two weeks.
  9. I'm lazy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't know why number 9 made me giggle as much as it did..but thats that.

Anyway! It's nice to know you still live and seem to be doing well, beside seasonal things!