06 February 2012


Lets get this quickly over with!

I began to work already on a new picture, but I decided to let it wait another week and let me listen to podcasts from late years.


I thank for all the responds from the Blog-Exclusive picture, both from the forum and blog itself.
I was rather surprised that people would post anything into the forum of it, but I'm glad to see I'm wrong.
Also, more then happy to read that people actually liked it and that she was an Dwarf.
Never the less, I might do another picture of her. But do remember, it was a request picture, so there is a quite large chance that I might not use the character in any upcoming pictures.

Don't go yet!

I got a teaser of the upcoming picture!


Anonymous said...

Interesting teaser. That's an..ogre?

Sounds like a scary pic D:

Hillmoore said...

Heehee, I spy an ogre aaand... erhm... A very, very contorted... murloc on its lap?