18 February 2012

Friend day respond

Forum posts:
Originally Posted by vlarg
Ahaha, that's some ancient lore teamwork!
Don't know how much "teamwork" was really involved in it, only Biizzy knows them self for sure.

Originally Posted by niliko
Wow..that is a hot orc girl, with those big titties!
Thanks, the angle and position made specially the breasts slight annoying to make.

Originally Posted by Dreamhawk
Hells to the yes, that would explain a lot :>

Awesome work!
Heh, the teaser didn't really hide the ogre's face nor the orc's forms... or if you just did chek the teasers filename to find out.

Blog posts:
Originally Posted by Saint Uther
You just keep coming up with better ideas and produce even better work. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, I look forward to your next submission.
My deepest thanks to you. The comments and critics you people post(if only more people would) is my payment and motivation to continue making these pictures.

Originally Posted by Anonymous
Ogre thing pretty creepy for my tastes D:

But at least you're always creative!
Can't please everyone all the time. But still thanks, trying to keep things interesting.

Originally Posted by Duderino
Happy friendship day!

That poor orc D:
Happy Friend's day to you too.

I'm currently trying to come up with something to improve my style and make the pictures look even better.
It isn't that easy to come up how to achieve that. Only thing I've so far come up with is to add outlines to the "characters".

Also the next posts will be still something more different and maybe yet another one or two "Darknest first!".

I think that was what I wanted to tell for now. Thank you for the responds and comments.


Duderino said...

"I'm currently trying to come up with something to improve my style and make the pictures look even better."

Don't beat yourself up too much, your pictures are already so good. Props man!

Anonymous said...

I think by now the fans roared loud and clear what they like, but it all comes down to what you feel like doing :)

I hope you have fun with your art! Getting better is nice, so long as it stays enjoyable.