27 February 2012

New technique ?


I suffered through Sunday not to post the newest picture before it was Monday.
And it is Monday now!

There is quite lot I wish to tell about the picture and making of it.
First of all I tried out a new art style technique to see how it would turn out. Mainly added borders to the "objects" I made.
But as the race I used in the picture was rather... how to say, rugged. So I made all skin/flesh parts the same way as the clothing.

I must say, I'm quite surprised myself of the final product.
I needed to make some cuts and compromises due to the races horrid structure, but I tried to keep it close as possible.
But in the end I gave lot more slimmer form and even a longer neck. I even nearly forgot the most important thing which
even is stated on the races name but noticed on the last minute!

I'm quite sure that this picture IS NOT everyone's cup of tea or coffee. Specially due to the race, it's not a futa picture nor nelf/draeneil.

But you should already know me well enough(I think, least some of you) that I like to experiment with different styles/races.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is the only porn picture you might find of the in-game race!

I took few WIP "screenshots" to show the progress of the picture up to the finalized picture.
It's a six framed gif animation, but you should clearly see what is happening and changing. And if you don't, look again as it will loop.
Work in progress gif animation: >>>>>Watch it been made!<<<<<<

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Anonymous said...

You certainly know how to arouse me, then frighten me D:

roller coaster

Anonymous said...

Quillboars real scary

Anonymous said...

I think the Quillboar is an interesting creature that doesn't get enough love. The lore behind them is rather interesting overall. :)

Maise said...

This pic is A-W-E-S-O-M-E !
If i knew that one day i'll love a "lady-pig" ! XD

Altough, the hairstyle is a bit strange to me, the Quillboars is totally sexy ! <3

You're the only one that can make some really hot other races and different type of art creation ! :D