27 January 2012


Oh I forgot to write about on thing.
But first:
Originally Posted by DesoPL
I hope see Sel again. In lesbian action with Blood Elf ! :P
In time, but I won't lock any race(s).

Anyway. Some of you might remember those crossover pictures(and the comic I did put into hibernate) I made of Oblivion and WoW. Mostly just placed Sel into screenshots I took from the game with mods.
I would love to do those kind of pictures again with Skyrim, but at the moment there isn't the required mods out there(yet).

Maybe some other game would do just fine, but I can't think of any other game. As the Elder Scrolls games have a huge modding community, so there is bound to be custom-pose mods in time.
Where WoW has this neat software called ModelViewer to help create these picture.


Anonymous said...

You deserve all the praise, your new work has been crazy good.

mooooar sel, also liked that sel urdina idea mentioned

Duderino said...

Just saying again how big of a fan I am of the work you've been doing lately. I know it can probably be boring to make sometimes, but man, it is awesome.