06 January 2012

2012 #1


It's already 2012 and another year has been counted into my age even.

Oh and um... Well I did get rather busy during the Christmas-holidays and the New Year's weekend, hence I have poor reason why I didn't post anything.
So um... I had in mind to do something like "uriel" posted with Sel, but I scrapped that idea when a sudden idea of a dwarf lass appeared in my mind.
So here we are and now. FINALLY NOW at the 6th day, on Epiphany, I finally post something out.

Why still keep the Christmas-theme? I don't know outside of the Scandinavia and Finland, the Christmas "holiday" lasts up to 6th of January, so called 20 day Christmas. Also here in wet and flooding Finland it's tradition to throw out the Christmas-tree on that date.
It's a national holiday so there are flags up on the poles to celebrate my birthday.

Oh but you waited for this picture for so long that I'll post it now. Maybe I'll do something special later this weekend to make it up. I won't promise but I'll try.
  • 12th December 2011: 20 Days of Holidays [Dwarf/Pinup/Upskirt]

    When the Christmas and New Year picture gets put into hiatus,
    you resolve into other holidays.

Also, not all Dark Iron Dwarf lasses are futas! >:(


Anonymous said...

Would be nice to see a "make-up gift" but I'm not punching any horses.

Hope you had a nice holiday cube good to see you back.

Duderino said...

Its pretty hard to make a dark iron look attractive, but you always love to take on challenges like that.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back Cube you're da best

Saintuther said...

Great Work you always make the dwarf women hotter then they already are.

Saintuther said...

Nice work you always make the dwarf women even hotter then they already are. Is this the Naughty or Nice dwarf lass btw?