23 January 2012


Life is strange I must say.

One week you got huge plans to do, then the next day it all vanishes in the wind.
Another week you have nothing planned, but something appears always on the last minute.

What's this have to do with the newest picture?

Something new that you wouldn't have already known of my "style" of posting new pictures?
Nothing really, just being a lazy ass, that's all.

Plans for pictures keeps stacking in the computer and head, but motivation is far far away. Probably in Iceland I guess.
I had and was already started doing backgrounds for multiple pictures for last weekend, but what do you know! Gone with the wind!
So I decided to make a lot simple and easier picture that wouldn't take long(just around three or four hours).

So here you go, another teasing picture of Sel.

  • 23th January 2012: Call for Forgiveness [Draenei/Solo/BBW/Tease]

    Due to the artist being lately absent,
    Sel is willing to share some of her cakes as an apologize.

And cake? It was soooo tasty... om nom nom.


Anonymous said...



God I love the new sel so much, easily the best thing you make, I NEED MORE OF ITTT

Anonymous said...

Its generic, but I have to say it: DAT ASS

I'm sorry you're losing inspiration, but I hope you find it soon, you seriously make the best manips in the whole wide interweb!

Duderino said...

Since this pic is called "apology" let's just say I totally forgive you.

I just hope we can see sel in action soon, it's been about six months since she had some action!

I hope you find your spark of inspiration soon, I love your content.

Anonymous said...

I'd seriously donate money if it was possible for sel going down on futaurdina

Anonymous said...

Good lord its so good.

I don't even look at other stuff now, just your updates. Beyond hot.