28 December 2020

Winter Veil 2020: Magical Sleigh Ride

Here we are. Winter Veil, Festag, Joulu, Christmas, Decemberween, what ever you call it, is over(more or less) and the end of the year is upon us. It has been quite a year, especially as I managed to get myself to use better engine for slightly better quality pictures to spew out into the vast ocean of lewd art.
I like to end this year like I've done with few past years and show the orginal OC that started it all. This time with festive theme! I need to work on 'Strong-Dad Frost's' model, as there are some minor things that bug me - mainly the texture as he is using Vrykul textures for his body.

Right, enough text! See you next February, after my hibernation that lasts through January.

December 28th - "Winter Veil 2020: Magical Sleigh Ride" [Draenei/Ogre/Straight]
When Greatfather and Great-father Winter
are both unavailable to deliver certain gifts,
they send their Draenor colleague, Strong-Dad Frost.
He might look intimidating, however he has heart
of gold and a jolly body to swell warm joy into one.
==XL-Size Edit==


Anonymous said...

See? Her body's not oversized, just Ogre-friendly! She was even sharing milk with the guy, really nice of her! (favorite pic of yours from the past few months, hope we see more of her)

Anonymous said...

That was an awesome picture. I really like your big girls. It feels like we saw less of Selanaar this year, but I hope her and Kia makes a grand return in 2021, its the year of the cow after all!