11 February 2020

New Visitor at the Library

I think I'm slowly catching up with my normal schedule of posting new picture out on Sundays. This time I have a really good reason why this picture took few days longer to make(if you gaze past me being lazy and just watching YouTube and playing games):
I was working on a new character that my girlfriend requested. She wanted a cute character, who would have pink hair and wasn't short. So bit of pondering and researching about different races and we ended up with an elf, a half-elf! See her not so long pointy ears! Half-elf! Half High-Elf, half Human. I think she did take more from her elf side, but still. I'm actually quite happy with her model and especially happy with her just a little bit glitching outfit. That darn skirt took lot of simulations to look prefect on the still unnamed elf. Oh and Kia is in the picture too.

Enough rambling, here is the picture:

February 11th - "New Visitor at the Library" [Human/Half-Elf/SFW]
The Library is a very tranquil and warm place
to visit and Kia is always happy to help visitors
to find the perfect book for them. Today a timid
young elf visited the library for the very first time
and was overjoyed about the warm service she received.
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Anonymous said...

I definitely like how Kia's top looks like it's struggling so hard, she's even poking out a bit! Wouldn't mind seeing more of her

Anonymous said...

I swear we've slowly seen Kia stretch out of that top picture by picture. Itd be great to finally see her explode out of that and get into lewd action, mabye with her friend Selanaar since the double paizuri picture with them awhile ago was legendary, would be awesome to see it re-visited since your skills have gotten so much better