15 October 2018

Spooky Month 2018!

First, I didn't post last weekends "picture" here, as it was a 14-page long single-panel spooky comic which I published only in my tumblr page. As it was so long, I couldn't post it here - I might do a simple webpage for easier reading.

Second, it is spooky month and with the comic off the way, time for Halloween themed picture(s)!
First we have hoowitches! Two of them are black as night and only have the worst in mind for you. The other two are humans playing witches in a cave.

October 15th - "Coven Initiation" [Human/Lesbian]
While there are witches that grind toddler's
into paste, there still are Hoowitches
who practice the arts for not so vile reasons -
but for the pleasure of the sisterhood.

==XL-Size Edit==

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