10 December 2014

The Dwarves: Balls Deep and Once Again

This isn't the next part of the Xmas pictures. This is a crazy idea my girlfriend came up with for the premier of last Hobbit movie! What does this has to do with the Hobbit movie? Nothing really. They both have dwarves, that's about it.
So, enjoy this picture of two dwarven men having gay sex. A rare sight at least and now it is done.

What? Not into male dwarves having sex? Oh well. Then you have to wait until end of this week for the next part of Xmas special.
  • 10th December "The Dwarves: Balls Deep and Once Again...[Dwarf/Gay/Anal/Cum]

    Spoof of the Hobbit with no real connection expect dwarves.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Got a good chuckle at least, looking forward to the weekend!