21 May 2012

I'm surprised for the positive respond and apologize my late respond.
Thank you for the comments and outside the forum and blog. I'm actually quite surprised how you people have taken it forth.

I have nothing to offer now(yet), as last weekend was too long to focus on anything "important".
Specially after long ice cold soothing winter and spring, a huge heatwave devastated southern Finland(ice-cream summer has begun here now).

 Originally Posted by boggyboo
You know hentai foundry? You should go there.
I do know it and I'm quite speculating at it and Devianart.
HF doesn't allow in-game model works there, but these new pictures technically aren't made with the in-game models.
Ii could be one option, but I am still hesitating.

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Anonymous said...

I really wish to see some more pics of Sel in action!

Your new artsy stuff was good too though, not hatin at all.