14 May 2012


Once again, back from a hiatus.

I don't really have anything to to tell for reasons, I don't know myself either why I have been lacking so much motivation lately.
Not that I'm lacking inspiration at the moment, just motivation to get myself back to work on my hobby.
Something might be bothering me but I can't point it out.
As much as on the latest picture bothers me. I have no idea what bugs me in it, but something really ticks my mind that I nearly thought not to publish it out for people.
Would have been my very first picture that I would have finished but not published.
So I uploaded it with the stamp stating it's an experimental picture I did while using the new style.
  • 14th May. Experimental picture: Dark Iron Lass [Dwarf/NonEro]

    An experimental picture with the new style after hiatus.
Another thing that is bugging me is that I'm trying to think other portals where to share my work, other then this forum along with my blog and gallery(which I don't advertise in here even).
So if you have any hints where I could post/share my work, do tell along with the mocking finger pointing at the picture and it's creator.


Anonymous said...

Ooo a Dark Iron. Gotta love it! I think you're too hard on yourself in terms of your work, they all look great and have a lot of effort behind them I feel.

As for other places to publish, I wouldn't know unfortunately.

Maise said...

Love this sexy dark dwarf babe ! =)

For others places, maybe worldofporncraft (from Shina) or azerothica (from Esidien).

But i still check here myself ! :p