04 April 2012

I think too much.

Originally Posted by l2_ushxxx
  • Your stuff is great. If you're feeling a loss, maybe you should take a break and have a stroll to get some ideas. I'm sure you'll make something great again.
That could be the case.
I might just have a burnout at the moment. I like doing these pictures, it's one of my main hobbies which is why I wouldn't want to put it into hibernation.
I'm trying to think what to do with all this or do I just need few more weeks more of break.
It's hard to explain when I myself don't really know what to tell. Most likely I'm just tired of making porn pictures and would want to focus on some other topics. Or that I don't get no more as much recognition as I used to get.
Who knows, I don't. But if you still see... or no bother, I doubt it has already crossed the border to Russian even.
Quite a dilemma I must say. Maybe I just need to get a pet or a get steady with someone.
And NO, I won't just make more futa pictures!

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