10 April 2012

Happy Noblegarden 2012

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As one artist to another all I can say is do something that inspires you, just something for you that you enjoy that's been running around your head. You'd be surprised how that can get the creative juices flowing again, but if it's not there then don't push it. You'll just frustrate yourself
And now to respond to your amazing bitchslap across my face. Or dunno...don't know what to respond but to show a photo of where the inspiration for this picture came from:

Plus some silly chatting with Escalayer about that the bunny doesn't look sexy, but still would hump it if in mood and... real then a toy from a chocolate Easter-egg.

BUT now to the main course and sight.
Be warned, this is really something you most likely didn't expect from me!
Funfact is that it took me three days to slowly make this... but in workhours only... five or six. Was really slowly made.
  • 10nd April. Happy Noblegarden 2012 [Threeomse/Anal/Double Penetration/Gay/Anthro]

    Two kinky pink Spring Rabbits having their Noblegarden way with a Spring Bunny. Such a sweet sight of the spring.

    Anonymous said...

    Bunnies! Love it, and I hope you had fun making it. ^_^

    Maise said...

    Totally unexpected ! :O
    Not my kind of kink but still amazing. :p